“And above all,

watch with glittering eyes

the whole world around you

because the greatest secrets

are always hidden

in the most unlikely places.

Those who don't believe

in magic

will never find it.” 

-Roald dahl


Who I Am

Hi friend,

So glad you’re here. I’m Mia, a photographer, a wife, a friend, a Christ follower. This year, my husband Stephen and I got married and bought a cozy little 1950’s house we’ve been making home one project at a time. We spend our free time nerding out over good food, quoting Parks & Rec, hosting dinner parties, scheming our next adventure, and making terrible puns. I spend 90% of my life in Birkenstocks and would eat popcorn for every meal if that were acceptable. I’m super into personality stuff and identify as an Enneagram 4, Myers-Briggs INFP (I border on the introvert/extrovert line and prefer to call myself a mixtrovert). Also I LOVE HUGS.

My career as a wedding photographer began with a love for capturing and creating deep and beautiful things. At my core, I create to reflect the nature of my Creator. I believe that’s what all art and creativity fundamentally is—a form of worship and delight in this gift of life He’s given us.



My Work


My work is a juxtaposition of earthy wildness and elegance. I love to travel, and my work is inspired by the places & the things I’ve experienced - traipsing the desert surrounded by deep orange earth and striking blue skies; meandering through the Louvre and sipping espresso in a Bastille street corner cafe. I view myself as an artist and approach every wedding day that way. I’m inspired by the romantic nostalgia of the Impressionists and the rich, quiet depth of the Dutch painters. These things influence the way I compose my images - from lighting and framing to angles and expression.

My Philosophy

What makes me happiest isn’t the posed and pretended, but the unrehearsed magic of real living. I want to create images that are honest, genuine and soulful. One of my core personality traits is valuing and living out originality. I’m drawn to the unique and different, and there’s nothing that gets me more excited than an innovative couple who wants to put their own twist on tradition. Of course, this doesn’t mean traditions are meaningless or that I don’t love a good one. It simply means I’m a huge fan of doing things that are a sincere reflection of you. And if you trust me enough to move past many of the cliches present in the wedding industry, I can leave you with a collection of wedding images that feels real to your relationship.

My Process

A large part of what makes my job so meaningful is the relationships I’m able to form with my couples over the course of their engagement. In order to capture people authentically, I have to know them, and I want to work with couples who are also interested in that. I want to grab coffee and listen to the story of how you fell for each other, learn more about the big and little reasons why you chose them, have brides feel like they can text me any time with questions (also random cat memes, that’s cool too), and walk into a wedding day feeling like I’m photographing a couple of friends.



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